Kuromi: All You Need to Know (2024)

Kuromi is one edgy, rebellious cutie from Sanrio! She’s the exact opposite of My Melody and loves all things black. She may look tough on the outside, but she does have a soft spot for cute things. If you haven’t met Kuromi yet, it’s time to get acquainted with this popular Sanrio character!

  • Japanese name: クロミ (Kuromi)
  • Birthday: October 31
  • Debut year: 2005
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Rabbit
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Skills: Playing pranks
  • Favorite color: Black
  • Favorite food: Rakkyo
  • Hobby: Keeping a diary
  • Fun Fact: Kuromi is actually an escaped prisoner!

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Kuromi isn't just any character; she's a symbol of rebellion in the kawaii world of Sanrio. This rebel has black (sometimes purple) eyes, a devil-like tail, and wears a black jester’s hat with pointed ears. Being a tough tomboy with a super sweet, girly personality, Kuromi sets her own rules! That’s why she’s popular among teens and young girls.


Did you know that Kuromi wasn’t developed as a character for merchandise like other Sanrio characters? Sanrio designer Yuko Yamaguchi created Kuromi in 2005, originally as a villain for the anime series Onegai My Melody. In the series, Kuromi is actually an escaped prisoner from Mariland, a forest where My Melody lives. She wanted to get back at My Melody for ruining her life!

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Even though she was intentionally made to be a villain, Kuromi was so cute and hard to hate! Eventually, she was made into an official Sanrio character. Over time, Kuromi joined the ranks of popular Sanrio cuties and had her own animated series.


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“Kuro” means black in Japanese, and the name “kuromi” translates to “black beauty.” It’s a cute name that’s usually given to girls. This perfectly matches Kuromi’s dark but pretty and charming appearance. This dark look made Kuromi a popular character for punk, scene, and goth crowds.


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Now that we know more about Kuromi, you’re probably still wondering, is Kuromi a cat or a bunny? Well, Kuromi is actually a white rabbit! She’s an “anthropomorphic” character, which means she looks like a rabbit but acts like a human.


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Kuromi was born on October 31, Halloween, which is a perfect birthday for a character who loves playing tricks. In the Sanrio Universe, Kuromi is a young rabbit who’s about 5 to 6 years old.


Kuromi is definitely a girl, but she's not like the usual princess who waits for a prince to save her. Instead, she likes being herself and doing things her own way. Sure, she’s boyish and rowdy, but deep inside, she’s girly and loves romance stories!


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Kuromi loves two colors: one is obviously black, and the other one is… pink! Despite having a signature purple and black color scheme, Kuromi actually likes pink more. So, why didn’t she just have a pink and black signature color? Well, it might be because My Melody has already filled the pink quota, and Kuromi must have her unique look.


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Kuromi loves stirring up a little trouble and rides around Bum-Bun Drive on her tricycle with her biker gang, the Kuromi’s 5. She also has a soft spot for writing in her diary and giggling over romance novels like Sugar Sweethearts Forever. However, she’s worried that people will laugh at her if they catch her reading it.


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Kuromi isn't really good or bad—she's just Kuromi! She may look like a mischievous little imp who likes to stir up trouble in Sanrio Town, but deep down, she’s soft-hearted. She just wants to be herself and have fun, even if it means causing a little mischief now and then.


Kuromi: All You Need to Know (10)

While Kuromi doesn’t possess traditional magical powers, she has a magical artifact called the Melody Key. This item is infused with dark, dream-corrupting powers. Kuromi wants to use it to resurrect the Spirit of Dark Power to destroy her enemies!


Kuromi’s weak point is her tail. If someone were to step on it, she would fall unconscious! Aside from that, she also has a weak spot for cute boys and romantic novels which makes her vulnerable. She becomes insecure and is afraid that people will judge her.


Kuromi: All You Need to Know (11)

Kuromi and My Melody are often seen together, but they’re not really sisters. The two share a complex relationship – though they may be considered rivals, there’s a strong bond between them that evolves into friendship.

Kuromi: All You Need to Know (12)

So, why does Kuromi hate My Melody? Well, the two don’t actually hate each other. In fact, they care for each other deep down and often find themselves teaming up to face a common enemy. Kuromi even once said, “Who am I gonna fight with if she dies?” when My Melody accidentally locked herself up inside a cabinet.

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As for why the two are rivals, this might be because Kuromi believes that My Melody is trying to ruin her life. A series of unfortunate events like My Melody eating the last pickled onion from Kuromi’s food tray and accidentally ripping out Kuromi’s notebook made this rebel furious. For many years, Kuromi has written down everything My Melody has ever done to her, with over 6,234 entries!


Yes! In Kuromi’s Pretty Journey, Kuromi has a sister named Romina. Romina is older than Kuromi and looks similar to her but slightly bigger. She has ears that are pointed and grouped at the top of her head. Romina is cool, cute, and mysterious. That’s why Kuromi admires her a lot.

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But the truth is, Romina isn’t Kuromi’s biological sister. She’s a special wishing stone who became Kuromi’s sister after Kuromi wished for one. Eventually, the stone returned to its original form, and Romina disappeared, leaving Kuromi without memories of her sister.


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Even if Kuromi may seem cold at times, she also has her trusted sidekicks, whom she also considers her besties.

Kuromi: All You Need to Know (16)

Baku (バク)

Baku, a purple boy tapir is Kuromi’s number-one sidekick! He likes takoyaki and yakitori, and singing popular songs. He’s very patient and lets Kuromi ride his back and fly away to their next naughty adventure.

Kuromi: All You Need to Know (17)

Bako (バコ)

Bako is the long-awaited girl and the 14th child in Baku’s family. She’s cheerful and innocent, but really smart for her age.


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Kuromi is also the leader of an all-girl biker gang called “Kuromi’s 5!” They love to drive around riding their motorbikes while wearing the same black cloak as Kuromi’s!

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Nyanmi (ニャンミ)

This purple cat is Kuromi’s best friend and also acts as the sub-leader of Kuromi’s 5. She’s good at math and likes eating taiyaki!

Kuromi: All You Need to Know (20)

Wanmi (ワンミ)

A pale orange dog, she wears a black hood that covers her ears and an eye patch. As a dog, Wanmi has a keen sense of smell and is good at finding things.

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Konmi (コンミ)

Konmi, the white fox, likes to keep everything clean! She’s also good at hide-and-seek, and her favorite colors are black and white.

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Chumi (チュウミ)

Looking super cool in her black sunglasses, Chumi is a gray girl rat. She’s the perfect spy because of her fast, quiet feet.


Although Kuromi looks tough and punk, she’s actually very girly and is attracted to good-looking guys! So, who does Kuromi have a crush on? Her crush is a mystery, but some fans speculate that it could be another rebellious Sanrio character, Bad Badtz-Maru.

“Batz-Maru is so good on the skateboard!”

You can see the two being cute and sweet with each other when you watch Hello Kitty and Friends: Super Adventures!


Kuromi: All You Need to Know (23)

In the anime, Kuromi leftMy Melody's world and went to the human world. There, she met a guy named Keiichi Hiiragi who was good at playing the violin. They became friends and then they fell in love with each other. Together, they try to collect the 100 black notes that Kuromi needs to bring out the Spirit of Dark Power!

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Yes, Kuromi and Hello Kitty are friends, even though they are different. They both come from Sanrio, and Kuromi was even part of the show called Hello Kitty and Friends: Super Cute Adventures, where they went on fun adventures together.

“Say hello to my little friend!”

If you want to learn more about the other Sanrio cuties Kuromi and Hello Kitty hang out with, head over to our Complete List of Sanrio Characters!


Kuromi’s a fan of K-pop! In an episode called Kuromi’s K-Pop Drop from the show Hello Kitty and Friends: Super Cute Adventures, Kuromi was seen getting excited to watch a K-pop concert. At first, her friends weren’t interested, but they ended up liking K-pop too!

Kuromi: All You Need to Know (25)

In real life, Kuromi is also a fan of K-pop. But who is Kuromi’s bias? Well, when she was also interviewed about what song she likes, she answered that she likes the song TOMBOY by the K-pop group (G)I-DLE. She even had a collaboration project with them!


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With Kuromi’s cool black and purple look, it’s no wonder that she’s super popular. She has a cute and devilish figure that appeals to many people, whether they like goth, scene, or kawaii stuff! Every year, she’s in the top 10 characters in the Sanrio Character Ranking!

Kuromi: All You Need to Know (27)

Aside from that, she's also always busy teaming up with famous brands to bring her unique style to even more people! From trendy eyewear with Owndays to fashion lines with Samantha Vega, and Mary Quant, Kuromi's edgy aesthetic is taking the world by storm.

Kuromi: All You Need to Know (28)

And if you've got a sweet tooth, you're in luck—Kuromi even has a collaboration with Baskin Robbins, so you can enjoy delicious treats in style! She’s also regularly seen working with My Melody and other Sanrio Characters for brand collaborations. With her cool vibe and eye-catching designs, everyone wants a piece of Kuromi magic!


But wait, Kuromi isn’t popular only in Japan – she’s a worldwide superstar! Her global reach expanded when celebrities started wearing Kuromi-inspired outfits and accessories. It even became a challenge in TikTok! Users uploaded videos of them wearing outfits inspired by Kuromi and other Sanrio cuties.

Kuromi: All You Need to Know (29)

Since then, Kuromi has been making her name through collaboration cafes in Korea, apparel tie-ups in the UK, and even game collaborations in the US. You can take photos in black and purple-themed cafes or shop for Kuromi in H&M and Bershka! Plus, Kuromi also partnered with Korean cosmetics brand Rom&nd for the cutest Kuromi makeup!


Kuromi’s edgy character is reflected in her love for punk rock music.She jumps up and down whenever she hears those electric guitars strumming and the drums banging. But you know what makes it even better? When she teams up with her bestie, My Melody, for some awesome duets!

Kuromi: All You Need to Know (30)

This Sanrio cutie also has several songs that are made in collaboration with popular artists. Do you know the viral TikTok song, If We Ever Broke Up? Well, that song’s artist, Mae Stephens, wrote a song for Kuromi! It’s called Cheeky but Charming, a perfect title forKuromi.

Kuromi: All You Need to Know (31)

Fans also had a chance to watch Kuromi perform live in Universal Studios! Kuromi and My Melody took part in the show Kuromi Live for the park-only street music festival. The festival is called No Limits! Music Festival and featured world music where guests and performers can sing and dance together.


Kuromi: All You Need to Know (32)

In the special episode called Kuromi’s Super Spooky Special, this prankster spent her Halloween birthday curled up on the couch while watching her fave TV show, Everything Unknown! We even joined the birthday celebration by having a super cute Kuromi Halloween plushie which is one of our Blippo exclusive items!


Kuromi: All You Need to Know (33)

The KUROMI-fy the World Project is all about spreading Kuromi’s charm everywhere! Kuromi wants to show the world how cool she is and inspire others to be their best selves, just like her. The project started in October 2021, with a big campaign to fill the world with everything Kuromi and turn everyone into fans called Kuromies.

Sanrio made official social media accounts for Kuromi and even had special trucks driving around Japan with ads about her. Plus, Kuromi released her very own song called Greedy Greedy, and fans could join a dance challenge to be in the music video. It’s all about spreading the Kuromi love and making the world a cooler place!


Kuromi: All You Need to Know (34)

You can show off your love for this rebellious Sanrio bunny by copying her style! Kuromi’s fashion sense aligns with the Gothic Lolita style, with dark and edgy Victorian-inspired clothing. Try wearing a cute Kuromitop along with a Kuromi headband!

Why notadd a touch of her mischievous charm to your desk with Kuromi stationery? You can also spread kawaii vibes in school by carrying a Kuromi bag. What’s more, a Kuromi wallpaper on your smartphone will look super cute!


Kuromi: All You Need to Know (35)

If you're itching to catch Kuromi's latest escapades, you're in luck! You can watch her in different anime shows. As we mentioned earlier, she’s in the Onegai My Melody series as a villain, but since Kuromi is now popular, she has her anime series called Kuromi’s Pretty Journey.

“I’m the star this time!”

The story follows Kuromi as she travels the world and meets new friends. You can watch it on the Hello Kitty and Friends YouTube channel.

Kuromi: All You Need to Know (36)

Plus, don't forget to tune in to Hello Kitty and Friends: Supercute Adventures to see Kuromi in action. She’s with fellow Sanrio cuties like Bad Badtz-Maru, Pompompurin, and Keroppi. With new episodes dropping every Friday on Kuromi's official YouTube and TikTok channels, there's never a dull moment with Kuromi anime!


Kuromi: All You Need to Know (37)

Aside from watching Kuromi, you can also meet her in person! If you’re in Japan, that is.Head to Sanrio Puroland, Sanrio’s awesome indoor theme park, where you can buy all the best Kuromi gear and hang out with her! You can even watch her at the Miracle Parade. Plus, Kuromi is a regular at Harmonyland so you might just bump into her there too!


Kuromi: All You Need to Know (38)

From time to time, you can spot Kuromi pop-up cafes like the Kuromi Cafe - Winter Party in Shinjuku, Tokyo. These cafes serve delicious Kuromi-themed food and are decorated with everything Kuromi. They also sell limited-edition and cafe-exclusive Kuromi products!


Kuromi: All You Need to Know (39)

The fun doesn’t stop there! Kuromi fans can even stay in a super cool hotel room themed after Kuromi in Kyoto! Resi Stay The Kyoto Hotel, known for its popular Hello Kitty room, has transformed their rooms into a Kuromi wonderland! You can choose between two awesome rooms: the Cosmic Kuromi Room and the Gothic Lolita Kuromi Room, both featuring stylish Kuromi designs that’ll make your heart flutter.


Drawing Kuromi is as easy as pie! With her distinct features, you'll have a blast bringing her to life on paper. Simply follow video tutorials like this one, and don't forget to give Kuromi her sassy smirk!


Kuromi: All You Need to Know (40)

If you're a big fan of Kuromi, then you'll be happy to know that there's a wide range of products available featuring her! You can find everything from Kuromi backpacks and Kuromi accessories to Kuromi stationery and Kuromi plushies. There are even Kuromi-themed makeup and beauty products available for those who want to add a little bit of darkness to their beauty routine!

Kuromi: All You Need to Know (41)

For all your Kuromi needs, head to Sanrio stores where you’ll find a treasure trove of Kuromi merchandise waiting for you. There are also stores in Japan like Kiddyland and Don Quijote where you can grab Kuromi goodies.

Kuromi: All You Need to Know (42)

If you’re not in Japan, that’s not a problem at all! Kuromi is so popular that she’s not hard to find even in other countries. Lots of toy and character stores offer Kuromi products. And to make things easier, you can even buy Kuromi goodies online! Check out our Kuromi collection on Blippo for kawaii Kuromi merchandise delivered straight to your doorstep.

Kuromi: All You Need to Know (43)

That’s a wrap! Kuromi is the whole package for Sanrio fans. She’s spunky, stylish, and sweet. She likes to have fun with her friends, just like we all do! It’s no surprise that she easily became popular and won the hearts of fans worldwide.

Kuromi: All You Need to Know (44)

Is Kuromi your favorite, or are you Team My Melody? If you’re a fan of this cute Sanrio rebel, let us know why you like her in the comments!

Kuromi: All You Need to Know (2024)


What you need to know about Kuromi? ›

Kuromi's favorite colors are black and hot pink. Her favorite foods are meat, pickled onions, shallots, and pumpkin-based products. Kuromi's favorite holiday is unsurprisingly Halloween, as it is also her birthday. Kuromi's personal goal is to become a pop superstar, and likely prove herself better than My Melody.

Who is Kuromi's boyfriend? ›

WHO IS KUROMI'S HUMAN BOYFRIEND? In the anime, Kuromi left My Melody's world and went to the human world. There, she met a guy named Keiichi Hiiragi who was good at playing the violin.

What is Kuromi's catchphrase? ›

Her catchphrase is “Being vulnerable is a strength not a weakness!” If you guessed Kuromi you're right! Educator @vistosanails created this adorable design with colors: 001, 002, 429!

Who has a crush on Kuromi? ›

One of Baku's most defining traits is his crush on Kuromi despite often being victim to her anger. He cares deeply for her well being, even to the point of trying to stop the heroes from preventing the end of the world when Dar takes her life hostage.

Why did Kuromi go to jail? ›

She is an escaped prisoner from Mary Land. She was arrested but it was later revealed that Kuromi committed crimes like stealing bread in order to feed Baku's poor family. When Kuromi was on trial, Baku tried to convince the judge that he too was responsible.

Who is Kuromi's sister? ›

Romina is Kuromi's older sister. She's a little bigger than Kuromi, and her ears, which are less sharp than Kuromi's, are held at the top of her head by a hot pink heart-eyed skull hair clip. She came into existence because of Kuromi's longing for a cool, cute, and mysterious older sibling.

Is Kuromi a evil? ›

Type of Villain

Kuromi (in Japanese: クロミ, Kuromi) is the self-proclaimed rival of My Melody and a major antagonist in the Hello Kitty franchise. She is the main antagonist of the anime Onegai My Melody and the titular anti-heroic main protagonist of the 2023 anime web series Kuromi's Pretty Journey.

Who is Kuromi's bestie? ›

Sanrio | More friends = more fun! 💜 Welcome Kuromi's bestie, Baku, as a new visitor to your island alongside travelers Berry and Cherry (aka Ll...

Is Kuromi a bunny or a cat? ›

Kuromi is a white rabbit or a goblin-like creature wearing a hat with a pink skull on the front and a devil's tail. She is a rival of My Melody who always gets into trouble when My Melody's conscience gets the better of an act of generosity. She's a white rabbit with an attitude.

Who is Kuromi's enemy? ›

Kuromi and My Melody are rivals but the two don't actually hate each other, when My Melody locked herself in a cabinet Kuromi told her that if she dies, who will she fight? 2. Kuromi is a tomboy but is secretly also very girly: she has a soft spot for cute guys.

How old is My Melody age? ›

My Melody was first released in 1975 and the first related merchandise was released at the end of that year.

Are Kuromi and My Melody dating? ›

The two are often seen together in both official artwork and fanart as a pair though they are only friendly rivals. Many Sanrio fans tend to headcanon them as enemies to lovers.

Is Kuromi a girly girl? ›

Although she may look tough and punk, she is actually very girly and is attracted to good-looking guys! Kuromi enjoys writing in her diary and is hooked on romantic short stories. Her favorite colors are black and hot pink.

Who has a crush on Cinnamoroll? ›

Mocha and Cinnamoroll have been seen together in multiple romantic situations, even so much as kissing. There is no confirmation of their relationship status, but clues have shown that they are, in fact, dating.

Who is Pompompurin's crush? ›

Pompompurin has many friends but is incredibly close to his friend, Macaroon. Hello Kitty has even said Pompompurin seems to have the hots for her. But, believe it or not, Pompompurin has a crush on someone you'd never suspect: Snoopy! Yup, THAT Snoopy of Peanuts fame!

Is Kuromi evil or good? ›

She became more arrogant, mischievous, and cruel. Despite being the antagonist, Kuromi actually believes that My Melody is the evil one, who acts innocent. Although she is portrayed as tough, she has a soft spot for "cute" or "cool" guys, such as Yolanda and Prince Sorara.

What is Kuromi personality? ›

Personality. Although she may look tough and punk, she is actually very girly and is attracted to good-looking guys! Kuromi enjoys writing in her diary and is hooked on romantic short stories.

Why is Kuromi famous? ›

Kuromi enjoys great popularity due to her fabulous style and aesthetics. Her black and hot pink color scheme, devil tail, and skull motifs have made her popular with the goth, scene, and emo crowds. Devilish and cool, she has a cute figure that appeals to many people (even though she's a big ol' softie deep down.)

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