Romina (2024)

Romina is Kuromi's older sister. She’s a little bigger than Kuromi, and her ears, which are less sharp than Kuromi’s, are held at the top of her head by a hot pink heart-eyed skull hair clip. She came into existence because of Kuromi's longing for a cool, cute, and mysterious older sibling. When Kuromi was young, Romina was leaving home to defeat the evil organization.


Her true identity is the wishing stone, a magical stone that can make any wish come true. Romina came into existence as Kuromi’s sister when Guresuke was playing with Gureco and Kuromi when they were younger and he fulfilled Kuromi's wish that she could have a cool older sister. The stone eventually fulfilled its role and returned to its original form, making Romina disappear and everyone forget their memories about her.

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Romina (2024)


What nationality is Romina? ›

Romina is a feminine given name of Italian origin. Notable people with the name include: Romina Arena (born 1980), Italian–American singer-songwriter. Romina Armellini (born 1984), Italian swimmer.

What happens in Romina? ›

A shocking assault inspires horrific violence when a group of teens encounters a girl from their school while camping in a remote spot. A shocking assault inspires horrific violence when a group of teens encounters a girl from their school while camping in a remote spot.

Is Romina Power Italian? ›

Al Bano and Romina Power are an Italian-American pop music duo formed in 1975 by then-married couple Italian tenor Albano Carrisi and American singer Romina Power, the daughter of Hollywood actor Tyrone Power. They have recorded over 22 albums, which have sold in 150 million copies across six decades.

What happened to Romina Power? ›

She had been staying at the LeDale Hotel with a street musician when she was last seen on 6 January 1994. The man was arrested in connection with her disappearance by the New Orleans police detectives, but later released due to lack of evidence. She has yet to be found.

Is Romina an Italian name? ›

Meaning "from the land of Christians," this name is an excellent option if you're looking for a name that celebrates your religion. It is also attributed as a feminine version of the name Roman, which means "citizen of Rome." Because of this, Romina is a popular name in Italy and among those of Italian descent.

What does Romina mean in Persian? ›

The name Romina is a girl's name of Arabic origin meaning "from the land of the Christians". This pretty name found in Spanish-speaking countries shares the diminutive of Romy—also spelled Romi—with Rosemary. Romina is a Persian name for girls that means “pure”, “purified”.

Who is the missing daughter of Romina Power? ›

Ylenia Maria Sole Carrisi (born November 29, 1970 – missing since January 6, 1994) was the eldest daughter of Italian singers and actors Albano Carrisi and Romina Power. She disappeared under mysterious circ*mstances while visiting New Orleans, Louisiana, in January 1994.

Who is Romina Power married to now? ›

Who is Romina Power sister? ›

After her parents divorced in 1956, Power and her younger sister Taryn were sent to live with their maternal grandmother in Mexico.

Was Ylenia Carrisi ever found? ›

Promptly searching the area, the Coast Guard found nothing. In 1996, two years after Ylenia vanished, a call came through from an unidentified caller claiming that Ylenia was still alive, but her whereabouts remained unknown.

How many kids do Romina and Albano have? ›

They have a son, Yari (1973), and three daughters: Ylenia Maria (1970) (who went missing in New Orleans in 1994), Cristel Chiara (1985) (starred in the Reality TV show La Fattoria, an Italian version of The Farm) and Romina Iolanda (1987).

Are Romina and Albano still together? ›

Sadly, Al Bano and Romina were not able to overcome this tragedy together and in 1999 they separated. Romina has found solace in Buddhism, as has her son Yari, and still believes her daughter must be alive somewhere. Al Bano found a new partner and has two children with her but says he'll never marry again.

What languages does Romina Power speak? ›

Power is a polyglot who speaks five languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French and Dutch.

What does Romina mean in Greek? ›

What does Romina mean? Feminine version of Roman, from the Late Latin name Romonus, meaning "Roman" or "from Rome".

How rare is the name Romina? ›

With an average elementary class size of 482 in the US, an individual with the name Romina would have a a 5.459% probability of going to school with a girl named Romina.

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