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MyKuromi is the femslash ship between My Melody and Kuromi from the Sanrio fandom.


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Kuromi is My Melody's self-proclaimed rival, while My Melody thinks of Kuromi as her close friend. This is because, despite their rivalry, they do not hate or dislike each other. My Melody openly has warm feelings for Kuromi, but Kuromi's feelings are more inclined to rivalry, to make her appear tougher than she truly is on the inside.

Onegai My Melody[]

Kuromi holds a strong grudge against My Melody for innocent mistakes she thought were traumatizing and intentionally malicious. Kuromi keeps documentation of each mistake My Melody makes in a notebook she calls the 'Kuromi Note', which she vows to one day get revenge for. To this end, she escapes from prison in Mariland with her accomplice Baku to the human world to start her quest of harvesting human dreams and using them to summon the Spirit of the Dark Power. Kuromi's disdain for My Melody, and subsequent descent into deliquency started after she used the first ever page of her Kuromi Note to write down her dream of becoming friends with My Melody. Beause only a moment later, My Melody used said page to wipe My Sweet Piano's nose, mistakenly confusing Kuromi's notebook for her own.

In episode 52 of Onegai My Melody: Kuru Kuru Shuffle, Kuromi suffers a parasitic possession by the Spirit of the Dark Power. My Melody gets ahold of Kuromi's notebook during this time, and upon realizing the amount of grief and misery she caused Kuromi, she begins to cry and plead for forgiveness. Just as Kuromi had freed herself from the possession, the satisfaction she feels after finally seeing My Melody cry knocks her back into a possessed state, as hatred starts to fill her heart again.

My Melody apologizes and gives one last goodbye to Kuromi as she makes her way to lock herself in a closet, essentially committing suicide. Kuromi, still under possession, encourages her to do so. Just as the door closes, Kuromi forcibly breaks out of the dark spirit's possession and launches herself towards the closet, all while crying and scolding My Melody: "My Melo, ya dumb twit! If you die, who the heck am I supposed to fight with?" The force of the launch knocked them both out, and the scene cuts to Kuromi and My Melody holding hands while passed out on the ground. While Kuromi was adamant about her rivalry and hatred for My Melody, deep down, she still harbored some amount of care for her.

Onegai My Melody: Yu and Ai, a 2012 short feature film released alongside Jewelpet The Movie: Sweet Dance Princess, takes place after the events of Onegai My Melody: Sukkiri, and focuses on Kuromi's rivalry-turned-friendship with My Melody. In the film, Kuromi now has over one million entries in her Kuromi note. Staying true to their mischievous nature, Kuromi and Baku steal food from My Melody while they're on summer vacation, after several unsuccessful attempts of getting food through simply asking. My Melody places a melody mark on Kuromi, forcing her to give back the food she had stolen. My Melody then invites the rest of Mariland for a barbecue on the beach, where she sits enjoying seafood with Baku, Kuromi, and Ruby (a jewelpets character). While eating, My melody calls for both Ruby and Kuromi's attention, and asks them "We'll always be friends, right?" to which Kuromi agrees with a cheeky "I guess!", while the skull on her hood appears to be blushing. In the background of this scene, a duet between My Melody and Kuromi can be heard. In the song, the two vehemently sing about their platonic adoration for one another.


MyKuromi is one of the most popular femslash pairings in the Sanrio fandom. The two are often seen together in both official artwork and fanart as a pair though they are only friendly rivals. Many Sanrio fans tend to headcanon them as enemies to lovers. Fans of the ship also love their aesthetic, My Melody being pastel pink and girly, and Kuromi being tomboy-ish with a dark, almost emo-ish style.



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Official & Merchandise[]

Onegai My Melody[]

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Tomotoru Hello Kitty Happy Life[]

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MyKuromi (2024)


Does Kuromi hate My Melody? ›

Kuromi is My Melody's self-proclaimed rival, while My Melody thinks of Kuromi as her close friend. This is because, despite their rivalry, they do not hate or dislike each other.

Who is Kuromi's boyfriend? ›

WHO IS KUROMI'S HUMAN BOYFRIEND? In the anime, Kuromi left My Melody's world and went to the human world. There, she met a guy named Keiichi Hiiragi who was good at playing the violin.

Are My Melody and Kuromi together? ›

Despite being a villain (in Onegai My Melody), Kuromi is mostly into food and even cooks. She can be called a rowdy free spirit. Kuromi is the "punk" tomboy counterpart to My Melody. Although My Melody can get along with Kuromi, the latter's feelings are more inclined to rivalry in order to appear tough.

Is My Melody a boy or a girl? ›

Simply speaking, My Melody is a white rabbit girl from Mariland (in London) with a red or pink hood that covers her ears. But why the hood? Well, the answer is simple. Her initial release was in 1975 (a year after Hello Kitty) and portrayed the iconic fairytale character Little Red Riding Hood.

Who has a crush on My Melody? ›

There have also been hints that Flat may have a crush on My Melody, for example blushing when she hugs him in episode 6. He also asked her out on a date in episode 29. (Which at first My Melo was surprised but eventually agreed.) Flat also has great social skills when it comes to interacting with the opposite gender.

Is Kuromi a bad guy? ›

Kuromi (in Japanese: クロミ, Kuromi) is the self-proclaimed rival of My Melody and a major antagonist in the Hello Kitty franchise. She is the main antagonist of the anime Onegai My Melody and the titular anti-heroic main protagonist of the 2023 anime web series Kuromi's Pretty Journey.

Who is Kuromi's sibling? ›

Romina is Kuromi's older sister. She's a little bigger than Kuromi, and her ears, which are less sharp than Kuromi's, are held at the top of her head by a hot pink heart-eyed skull hair clip. She came into existence because of Kuromi's longing for a cool, cute, and mysterious older sibling.

Who is Kuromi's rival? ›

Kuromi is the self-proclaimed rival of My Melody.

Is Kuromi a cat or a bunny? ›

Kuromi is a white rabbit or a goblin-like creature wearing a hat with a pink skull on the front and a devil's tail. She is a rival of My Melody who always gets into trouble when My Melody's conscience gets the better of an act of generosity. She's a white rabbit with an attitude.

Who has a crush on Cinnamoroll? ›

Mocha and Cinnamoroll have been seen together in multiple romantic situations, even so much as kissing. There is no confirmation of their relationship status, but clues have shown that they are, in fact, dating.

How old is My Melody age? ›

My Melody was first released in 1975 and the first related merchandise was released at the end of that year.

Who is Kuromi's enemy? ›

Kuromi and My Melody are rivals but the two don't actually hate each other, when My Melody locked herself in a cabinet Kuromi told her that if she dies, who will she fight? 2. Kuromi is a tomboy but is secretly also very girly: she has a soft spot for cute guys.

Is Pusheen in Sanrio? ›

August 24, 2021

Pusheen is thrilled to announce our long-awaited, limited-edition collaboration: Hello Kitty x Pusheen. Launching September 3rd at Pusheen Shop,, and online and in-store at Hot Topic in the (U.S. & Canada).

Is pochacco a dog? ›

Pochacco, the beloved white dog from the Sanrio universe, is known for his endearing personality and wide range of interests. This energetic pup is particularly fond of sweet treats, especially his go-to – banana ice cream.

Who is Hello Kitty's boyfriend? ›

Dear Daniel is a childhood friend of Hello Kitty and her boyfriend. His spiky hair is his signature look. Dear Daniel is a sensitive guy and finds wonder in even the smallest things.

Is Kuromi enemies with My Melody? ›

Kuromi is the rival of My Melody, who is a white rabbit or goblin-like creature wearing a black jester's hat with a pink skull on the front and a black devil's tail. The two are sworn enemies, though it is not known how they first met each other.

Why is Kuromi mad? ›

Kuromi used to be friendly but became convinced that My Melody is trying to ruin her life because of some accidents that happened like My Melody ripping out Kuromi's notebook.

Is Kuromi an evil version of melody? ›

She became more arrogant, mischievous, and cruel. Despite being the antagonist, Kuromi actually believes that My Melody is the evil one, who acts innocent. Although she is portrayed as tough, she has a soft spot for "cute" or "cool" guys, such as Yolanda and Prince Sorara.

Who is My Melody's best friend? ›

My Sweet Piano (マイスウィートピアノ, Mai Suwīto Piano) is a Sanrio character who debuted in 1976 as Hitsuji and was renamed Piano in 2005. She's My Melody's best friend. She is a sheep with soft pink fur covering her low ears, a round tail, white skin, and a yellow oval nose.

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