When Suzy Walks Past The Coffee Shop, She Can Pick Up Their Free Wi-fi Signal, Which Extends 60 Ft From (2024)

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Answer 1

The number of seconds Suzy will pick up the signal if she starts walking toward the coffee shop at a rate of 3 ft/sec from her office building 180 ft away is 40 seconds


Signal distance = 60 ftSuzy's speed = 3 ft/secDistance between her office building and the coffee shop = 180 ft

After how many seconds will she pick up the signal between her office building and the coffee shop = (Distance between her office building and the coffee shop - Signal distance) / Suzy's speed

= (180 ft - 60 ft) / 3 ft/sec

= 120 ft / 3 ft/sec

= 40 seconds

After how many seconds will she lose the signal = Signal distance / Suzy's speed

= 60 ft / 3 ft/sec

= 20 seconds

Therefore, If she keeps on walking past the coffee shop, she will lose the signal after 20 seconds.

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please help with both questions thank you
pre cal 12 th grade math





Step-by-step explanation:

For 41.

points are (0,1) and (3,3)

Equation in two point form is

(x - 0)(3-1) = (3-0) ( y-1)

2x= 3y - 3


For 42.

Points are (0,3) and (2,-1)

Equation is


-4x = 2y -6

4x + 2y -6 = 0

or 2x + y -3 = 0

Construct a frequency distribution for the data using five classes. Describe the shape of the distribution.

The data set: ages of dishwashers (in years) in 20 randomly selected households
table ( (12 6 4 9 11 1 7 8 9 8)(9 13 5 15 7 6 8 8 2 1) )


The shape of the distribution of the given data set is : Bell shaped

What is Frequency distribution ?

Frequency distribution, in statistics, a graph or data set organized to show the frequency of occurrence of each possible outcome of a repeatable event observed many times. Simple examples are election returns and test scores listed by percentile. A frequency distribution can be graphed as a histogram or pie chart.

Data: 12 6 4 9 11 1 7 8 9 8 9 13 5 15 7 6 8 8 2 1

Classes = 5

Class Frequency

1-3 →3

4-6 →4

7-9 →9

10-12 →2

13-15 →2

The shape of the distribution is peak at the center and down at both the ends,

Therefore, we can say that the shape of the distribution is bell shaped.

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find the inverse of this grapg



Can you please send the picture of the graph

Step-by-step explanation:

The table below shows a student's quiz scores on six quizzes.


Find this student's median quiz score


Answer: 10.5

Explanation: The median is the middle number and since there’s an even amount of numbers you’ll have to go between the numbers. For example, 8,9,10,11,13,15. Between 10 and 11 is 10.5 which is the answer.

The answer is 25 because I know

One side of a rectangle is 9 feet shorter than three times another side. Find the length of the shorte
ide if we also know that the perimeter of the rectangle is 126 feet.


The shorter side of the rectangle is 18 feet.

How to Find the Perimeter of a Rectangle?

Perimeter of a rectangle = 2(l + w), where w is the width of the rectangle and l is its length.

Given the following:

Another side of the rectangle = width = w

One side of the rectangle = length = 3w - 9

Perimeter of the rectangle = 126 feet


2(3w - 9 + w) = 126

2(4w - 9) = 126

8w - 18 = 126

8w = 126 + 18

8w = 144

8w/8 = 144/8

w = 18

One side of the rectangle = 3w - 9 = 3(18) - 9 = 45

Therefore, the shorter side of the rectangle is 18 feet.

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Write 21 50 as a percent and as a decimal.

In March, Mrs. Anderson's students read 2,489 pages. In April, they read 3,052 pages. What is the total
number of pages read for the two months? Enter your answer in the box.


Answer: 5541 pages

Step-by-step explanation:

2489+3052= 5541 pgs

Solve the equation P(x) = 8.



Step-by-step explanation:

18:5=5/18 true or false


i responded to this already but it it is FALSE

Answer: False

Step-by-step explanation: Ratio is A:B = A/B

Write an inequality that represents the graph. An inequality that represents the graph is -1 on a number line
a .


The inequality of the number line is x > -1

What is a number line?

A number line is a vertical or horizontal line that has endpoints and it is used to represent numbers at a constant interval

From the number line in the question, we can see that:

How to determine the inequality?

From the question, we have

Point = -1

Assume the following

The endpoint of the circle on the number line is an open circleThe arrow points to the right

As a general rule, open circles implies that the number at that endpoint is not included part of the solution set.

This means that the inequality of the number line is x > -1

Read more about inequality and number line at






In standars form it would look like so:


In expanded form it would look like so:

20,000 + 8,000 + 900 + 30 + 6

Step-by-step explanation:

Your welcome! Hope it helps! =D

In standard form 28936

In expended form 20000+8000+900+30+6

In a election of municipality two candidates P and Q stood for the post of mayor and 35000 people were in voter list. Voters were supposed to cast for a single candidate .22000 people cast vote for P, 5500 people cast for Q and 1500 cast vote even for both. How many people didn't cast vote find it​


6000 people didn't cast their vote and 1500 votes are not valid in the election

Given that In a municipal election, two candidates, P, and Q, ran for the position of Mayor, and 35000 people voted. Voters were supposed to vote for only one candidate. P received 22000 votes, Q received 5500 votes, and 1500 cast votes for P and Q.

Number of votes for P =22,000

Number of votes for Q= 5500

1500 cast votes to Both P and Q, these votes are not valid because each one is supposed to vote only for one.

Therefore, the number of votes not valid is 1500

Total people cast vote= sum of votes for every party

Total people cast vote=22,000+ 5500+1500

Total people casted vote=29,000

Therefore, 6000 people didn't cast their vote and 1000 votes are not valid in the election

To refer more about these problems refer below



Sidney took a cash advance of $150 by using checks linked to her credit card account. The bank charges a cash advance fee of 2 percent on the amount borrowed and offers no grace period on cash advances. Sidney paid the balance in full when the bill arrived.


The cash advance fee for the credit card account is $3.00

What is the basis for computing cash advance fee?

The basis for determining the cash advance fee is on the amount borrowed not that 2% is charged annually on the credit card account, in other words, the cash advance fee in this case is the cash advance multiplied by the advance fee of 2% as shown explicitly below:

cash advance fee=cash advance*cash advance fee %

cash advance=$150

cash advance %=2%

cash advance fee=$150*2%

cash advance fee=$3.00

Find out more about cash advance on:brainly.com/question/7226686

Full question:

Sidney took a $150 cash advance by using checks linked to her credit card account. The bank charges a 2 percent cash advance fee on the amount borrowed and offers no grace period on cash advances. Sidney paid the balance in full when the bill arrived.

What was the cash advance fee? (Round your answer to 2 decimal places.)

How to solve x+5/-6= -4


x+5/-6= -4

multiply each side by -6

x-5/6= -4

*-6 *-6


subtract 5 from each side


2783 and 7283
The value of 2 in ____is ____ times
The value of 2 in ______


The value of 2 in 2783 is 10 times the value of 2 in 7238

What is place value?

Place value of a number can be defined as the position of each digit in a number.

It is the value represented by a digit in a number on the basis of its position.

It is also known as system in which the position of a digit in a number determines its value.


The place value of 5 in 3500 is 500

The place value of 2 in 3240 is 200

Given the values:

2783 and 7283

The place value of 2 in 2783 is 2000

The place value of 2 in 7283 is 200

Find the quotient, we have:

= 2000/ 200

= 10

The value of 2 in 2783 is 10 times the value of 2 in 7238

Thus, the value of 2 in 2783 is 10 times the value of 2 in 7238

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to rotate ABC 90° clockwise about the origin.​


Can you get a better picture but I thinks it’s 120

marco counts the sides on four quadrilaterals and three pentagons how sides does he count'


Answer: 31 sides

Step-by-step explanation: 4 sides per quadrilateral so 16 sides and 5 sides per pentagon so 15 sides. 16 + 15 = 31.

5 over nine converted into decimal


Answer: See attached

Step-by-step explanation:

5/9 will give a repeating decimal 0.55555. You would write it as 0.5 with a "bar" line over the 5. See attached file of how it looks

The coordinates of the point Q are (-7,-8) and the coordinates of point R are (-7,0). What is the distance, in units, between the point Q and point R?


The distance between the points Q and R is found to be 8 units.

What is defined as the distance formula?

Algebraic expression that provides the distances between two points as a function of their coordinates (like coordinate system).

The distance equations for points in rectangular coordinates in two- and three-dimensional Euclidean space are based on the Pythagorean theorem.A line segment can be graphed both in two-dimensional & three-dimensional coordinate planes because it has a starting and stopping point. The two-dimensional coordinate plane allows the starting and stopping points to also be labeled as two-dimensional coordinates (x₁, y₁) and (x₂, y₂), respectively, resulting in the distance formula as: d = √(x₂ - x₁)² + (y₂ - y₁)².

Now, as per the stated question;

The coordinates of the points Q and R are given as;

Q = (x₁, y₁) = (-7,-8)

And, R = (x₂, y₂) = (-7,0)

Now, substitute the values in the distance formula;

QR = √(-7 - (-7))² + (0 - (-8))²

QR = √(0)² + (8)²

QR = 8

Therefore, the distance between the points Q and R is calculated as 8 units.

To know more about the distance formula, here



4²×3³×(-1)¹²² please solve this question tomorrow my exam of maths​


The value of 4²×3³×(-1)¹²² is 432.

How to find the value of 4²×3³×(-1)¹²²?

When a number is repeatedly multiplied by itself, the result is a power of that number.

A power of the original number would be produced if you multiplied a number by itself any number of times.

When a single number is added up several times, it is said to be multiplied.

given that 4²×3³×(-1)¹²²

now find the value of 4²×3³×(-1)¹²².

= 4 × 4

= 3 × 3 × 3

(-1)¹²² = 1

then, multiply these numbers.16 X 27 X 1 = 432

Hence, the value of 4²×3³×(-1)¹²² is 432.

Learn more about powers and multiplication from here: https://brainly.com/question/26130878


m=x+y+z/3 solve for y


Answer: [tex]M-x-\frac{z}{3}=y[/tex]

Step-by-step explanation:


For her 1st birthday, Ruth's grandparents invested $1500 in an 18-year certificate for her that pays 12% compounded annually. How much will the certificate be worth on
Ruth's 19th birthday? (Round your answer to the nearest cent.)


The certificate will be worth of $11534.9 on Ruth's 19th birthday.

Compound Interest is calculated using the formula.

[tex]Amount=P*(1+\frac{r}{n} )^{nt}[/tex]

where , P=principal

r = rate of interest

n= number of times interest is compounded

t = no of years

In the given question ;

Principal = $1500

n=1 ...(as it is compounded annually)

t= 18 years ...(as on 19th birthday Ruth will complete 18 years)


Substituting the values of P,n,t,r in the formula we get,

[tex]Amount=P*(1+\frac{r}{n} )^{nt}[/tex]

[tex]=1500*(1+\frac{0.12}{1} )^{1*18}[/tex]

On solving further we get




Therefore , On Ruth's 19th birthday the certificate will be of worth $11534.9 .

Learn more about Compound Interest here https://brainly.com/question/21270833


Again it’s me, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I am so tired it’s 10 pm and I literally do not know what to do for this question if any of you know what to do please solve it



x=1 and 4

suppose t=x1.5

On being asked her age, Shalu replies, 'My brother was born 2 years before me and my sister 4 years after me, and the sum of their ages is 30 years." How old is Shalu?​


Shalu is 16 years old.

The equation can be defined as a mathematical term that refers to a situation in which several factors must be considered. It is defined as the state of being equal and is frequently represented as a math expression with equal numbers on either side.

Two expressions joined by an equal sign form a mathematical statement known as an equation.

Shalu's brother was born 2 years before Shalu.

Shalu's sister was born 4 years after Shalu.

And the sum of Shalu's brother and sister's age is 30 years.

Let x be the age of Shalu.

As Shalu's brother was born 2 years before her = x + 2

As Shalu's sister was born 4 years after her = x - 4.


x + 2 + x - 4 = 30

2x - 2 = 30

Adding 2 on each side of the equation,

2x -2 + 2 = 30 + 2

2x = 32

Dividing each side of the equation by 2.

2x / 2 = 32 / 2

x = 16

Therefore, Shalu is 16 years old.

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complete the table of values.
(please actually answer it, I really need it)​




-5-3(-1)= -2

-5-3(0)= -5

-5-3(1)= -8

-5-3(2)= 11

For the function f(x) = (2e)5, find




Step-by-step explanation:


Can someone help me with this question?



A) y = 0.3x+24

B) 283.5 dollars

Step-by-step explanation:

A) To create an equation in slope-intercept form, we can start by using the numbers the problem gave us and represent them as coordinates. Generally, time is always our x-value.



Now that we have our two coordinates, we can plug them into the slope-intercept formula: y₂-y₁/x₂-x₁ to find our slope.

(183-93)/(530-230) = 0.3

Now that we have our slope, we can plug it into our equation.

y = 0.3x + b

To find our y-intercept, we can take either one of our 2 coordinates (x,y) and plug them into the equation to solve for b.

93 = 0.3(230) + b

93 = 69 + b

93 - 69 = b

b = 24

Now that we have found our y-intercept, we can plug it into b to complete the equation.

y = 0.3x +24

B) If 865 minutes are used, we can plug 865 into x in our equation to find the total cost.

0.3(865) + 24 = 283.5

Two numbers have a sum of 77. If one number is p, express the other number in terms of p.


Answer: 77-p

Step-by-step explanation:

o=other number




Given n(J) = 255, n(K) = 186 and n(J ∪ K) = 429, find n(J ∩ K).




Step-by-step explanation:

[tex]n(J \cap K)=n(J)+n(K)-n(J \cup K) \\ \\ =255+186-429 \\ \\ =12[/tex]

I got this question wrong twice - can someone help me?

I have the answer but I don’t understand how they got it - can someone explain it to me step by step?

(Showing the working step by step works too)





Step-by-step explanation:

The area of the figure is the total area of the right triangle (on the left) and the rectangle (on the right)

Area of the right triangle = 1/2(9.2)(6.9) = 31.74

Are of the rectangle = (9.2)(11.5) = 105.8

The total area = 31.74 + 105.8 = 137.54

I hop this helps

When Suzy Walks Past The Coffee Shop, She Can Pick Up Their Free Wi-fi Signal, Which Extends 60 Ft From (2024)
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