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Kuromi is a female devil-like bunny character made by Sanrio. She is My Melody's rival and enemy.


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Kuromi resembles My Melody, but she wears a jester with a pink skull and has a devil tail. She is a dwarf bunny who has white fur, feminine eyelashes, and a pink nose.


Kuromi is naughty and loves to cause trouble, but she does not often play dangerous pranks. She is also crazy about boys and likes cooking food.

Name Origin[]

"Kuro" is Japanese for "dark" or "black". Her name translates from her name to “black beauty”.


  • Kuromi has a group of bikers, which is called The Kuromi 5.
  • She is popular to emocore, scenecore, and punkcore fans due to her appearance and personality.
  • She and My Melody look like themselves.


Kuromi (2)

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Kuromi (2024)


Is Kuromi a girl or a boy? ›

Kuromi is a female devil-like bunny character made by Sanrio.

Is Kuromi and melody a couple? ›

The two are often seen together in both official artwork and fanart as a pair though they are only friendly rivals. Many Sanrio fans tend to headcanon them as enemies to lovers.

Who has a crush on Kuromi? ›

One of Baku's most defining traits is his crush on Kuromi despite often being victim to her anger. He cares deeply for her well being, even to the point of trying to stop the heroes from preventing the end of the world when Dar takes her life hostage.

What is Kuromi's personality? ›

Personality. Although she may look tough and punk, she is actually very girly and is attracted to good-looking guys! Kuromi enjoys writing in her diary and is hooked on romantic short stories.

Is Kuromi a bad guy? ›

IS KUROMI EVIL OR GOOD? Kuromi isn't really good or bad—she's just Kuromi! She may look like a mischievous little imp who likes to stir up trouble in Sanrio Town, but deep down, she's soft-hearted. She just wants to be herself and have fun, even if it means causing a little mischief now and then.

Is Kuromi a bunny or a cat? ›

Kuromi is a white rabbit or a goblin-like creature wearing a hat with a pink skull on the front and a devil's tail. She is a rival of My Melody who always gets into trouble when My Melody's conscience gets the better of an act of generosity. She's a white rabbit with an attitude.

Who is Kuromi's sister? ›

Romina is Kuromi's older sister. She's a little bigger than Kuromi, and her ears, which are less sharp than Kuromi's, are held at the top of her head by a hot pink heart-eyed skull hair clip. She came into existence because of Kuromi's longing for a cool, cute, and mysterious older sibling.

Who is Hello Kitty's boyfriend? ›

Dear Daniel is a childhood friend of Hello Kitty and her boyfriend. His spiky hair is his signature look. Dear Daniel is a sensitive guy and finds wonder in even the smallest things.

Who does Melody have a crush on? ›

Alex is the love interest of Melody since she immediately develops a crush on him from the moment they met. When they first met, Melody was shy while talking to Alex. During the song "Here on the Land and Sea", they both have met each other again.

Why did Kuromi go to jail? ›

She is an escaped prisoner from Mary Land. She was arrested but it was later revealed that Kuromi committed crimes like stealing bread in order to feed Baku's poor family. When Kuromi was on trial, Baku tried to convince the judge that he too was responsible.

Who is Hello Kitty's crush? ›

She has a crush on Dear Daniel and Melody is her best friend. English voice by Claudia S. Thompson. Dear Daniel - A smart, enterprising, bookish boy the same age as Kitty.

Does Hello Kitty have a boyfriend? ›

Aside from the core Hello Kitty characters, several spinoff characters have been created: Hello Kitty's boyfriend Dear Daniel in 1999, Charmmy Kitty, Hello Kitty's pet cat, and Sugar, her pet hamster, both in 2004, and her superhero alter-ego Ichigoman in 2011.

Who is Kuromi's rival? ›

Kuromi is the self-proclaimed rival of My Melody.

Who is Kuromi's enemy? ›

Kuromi and My Melody are rivals but the two don't actually hate each other, when My Melody locked herself in a cabinet Kuromi told her that if she dies, who will she fight? 2. Kuromi is a tomboy but is secretly also very girly: she has a soft spot for cute guys.

Who is Kuromi's BFF? ›

Other members of her group include a purple cat named Nyanmi (Kuromi's best friend and second-in-command), a pale orange dog named Wanmi, a white fox named Konmi, and a grey and white rat named Chumi. Like Kuromi, they all wear black hoods (and sunglasses) and drive around in a menacing fashion.

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