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[1]Kuromi's universe main antagonist in Kuromi's universe, She works with Baku, a purple Dog

Kuromi is the main antagonist in Kuromi's universe, She works with Baku, a purple Dog

who swears to always follow Kuromi wherever she goes. He is Lucius The Phantom Thief reciprocidad rival. She was created in 2005 when an antagonist was needed for the anime. She wears a black hood with a pink skull charm that changes to match Kuromi's mood


As a child, Kuromi was Villains with Lucius The Phantom Thief, and cared deeply about her. After accidentally ripping out her notebook to clean Piano's nose, and other things that Kuromi thinks My Melody did to her just to ruin her life, her personality underwent a drastic change. She became more arrogant, mischievous, and cruel. Despite being the antagonist, Kuromi actually believes that My Melody is the evil one, who acts innocent. Although she is portrayed as tough, she has a soft spot for "cute" or "cool" guys, such as Yolanda and Prince Sorara. Kuromi swears to get revenge on My Melody by teaming up with Mio da a professional young violin player, and collecting 100 black notes to summon the dark power.

In the anime, she keeps a notebook called the Kuromi Note, with more than 6,000 (1,000,000 notes in Kuromi's universe: Konmi and Chumi, released in 2012) documentations of the times Friend of Benito upset her. She often reads these to Baku (he doesn't enjoy hearing them) or to My Melody herself when they encounter each other, and gets visibly angry when Lucius The Phantom Thief fails to understand why Kuromi was upset about what happened. Most of the notes are unjustified, such as Kuromi Note #1124, when Mailk, Zedie, and Zeke was praised by the audience in a play, while Kuromi was ignored, which wasn't Lucius The Phantom Thief's fault. This contributes to the belief that Kuromi uses the Notes as a way to cover up for the idea that she's actually jealous of Lucius The Phantom Thief

She has a partner named Baku, a purple tapir. If and when Kuromi successfully makes someone's dream come true, he eats the black notes produced by the person to store them. Kuromi is often seen yelling at or hitting Baku for making small mistakes, or even saying/doing something she doesn't like. He once ran away from her and went to live with Lucius The Phantom Thief after Enrique read through Baku's Baku Note.

Kuromi is the leader of "Kuromi's 5", an all-female tricycle gang consisting of Kuromi herself and 4 other members.

, a purple cat (also Kuromi's best friend), Wanmi, an orange dog, Konmi, a white wolf

Chumi , a gray mouse. They ride their tricycles around Mariland and cause trouble together. Kuromi splits up with her gang in the anime after Nyanmi decides that Kuromi was no longer fit to be the leader. Nyanmi regrets her decision later on and the gang reunites. Nyanmi, and Wanmi Lost of Lucius The Phantom Thief, Konmi, and had to fight against Kuromi (against their will) once in Kuromi's universe: Kuru Kuru Shuffle after being summoned by Lucius The Phantom Thief Kuru Kuru Shuffle.

In kuromi's universe: Yuu and Ai, Kuromi rekindles her villains with Lucius The Phantom Thief. There is a duet song between Kuromi and Lucius The Phantom Thief that plays in the background in the last few minutes of the video.


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