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  • 1 What is Ice Cream Cake Strain?
  • 2 Background and Lineage
  • 3 Types of High
  • 4 Medicinal Benefits
    • 4.1 Cold and Flu
    • 4.2 Sleeping Disorder
    • 4.3 Stress and Anxiety
  • 5 Negative Effects
  • 6 Growing Ice Cream Cake Strain
    • 6.1 Indoor
    • 6.2 Outdoor
  • 7 Quick Reference Guide – Ice Cream Cake Strain
    • 7.1 Type
    • 7.2 Lineage
    • 7.3 Appearance
    • 7.4 Smell
    • 7.5 Taste
    • 7.6 Preferred Consumption Time
    • 7.7 Preferred Consumption Method
    • 7.8 Similar Strains
    • 7.9 Concentration and Potency
  • 8 Effects

What is Ice Cream Cake Strain?

The Ice Cream Cake Strain is an Indica dominant, highly potent hybrid cannabis strain. The Ratio of 75% Indica and 25% Sativa. It has a sweet, creamy taste that will remind you of Ice cream cake. It won the Highlife Cannabis Cup consecutively in 2008 and 2009.

Background and Lineage

Ice cream cake strain was developed by a Dutch grower called Seed Junky Genetics. It is a cross between Wedding Cake and Gelato #33 hybrid strains that are already very popular on both sides of the Atlantic. Both the parent strains are famous for their high THC Levels, flavors, tastes, and effects. Ice cream cake strain has inherited the best traits from its parents.

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Types of High

It is definitely a night time Toker. Just like any other Indica dominant strains, it will give you a cerebral rush of euphoric energy. As you feel relaxed with happy thoughts, your body enters a state of deep relaxation. Because of its high THC (23%) level, new users should take it in a smaller dose.

Medicinal Benefits

If you are looking for a potent marijuana strain to help with your chronic pain, then you will love this strain. Ice cream cake strain can be beneficial for patients who have insomnia, sleeping disorder, anxiety and suffer from depression and stress.

Whether it’s through self-medication or under advisem*nt, people often take Ice cream cake strain to treat several medical conditions as below.

Cold and Flu

The most common Flu symptoms are sore throat, muscle/body aches, joint pains, and headaches besides cough, fatigue, and fever. To ease the pain, a lot of people reach out to the green. If you decide to use Ice cream cake strain, then make sure you take it in edible form. Smoking or vaping will make your condition worse as your lungs may be already compromised with coughing.

Sleeping Disorder

Ice cream cake strain is excellent for patients with insomnia and other sleep disorders. The high THC of this strain will not only help you to fall asleep, but it will help you sleep in complete sedation for hours. [ref]

Stress and Anxiety

If you are struggling with stress and anxiety, then you might find much-needed relief from this Indica dominant cannabis strain. Many people use marijuana for anxiety relief, but a lot of people also said that it makes anxiety worse. [Survey Report]

It reduces stress and anxiety by increasing a sense of calm, improve relaxation, and better sleep. So if you are a first-time user, make sure you take it in a smaller dose. Remember that it is not a cure, but it helps to reduce overall stress and anxiety.

Always consult your doctor before taking marijuana for any medicinal benefits to avoid any long term health consequences.

Negative Effects

Ice cream cake strain doesn’t have too many negative/adverse effects. As it is one of the high hitting strains, you should take it in a small dose if you are sensitive to THC.

Dry eyes and dry mouth are the two common effects of any marijuana use. So, make sure you have eye drops handy and drink plenty of fluid.

You can never overdose on Marijuana. So, if you start to panic, tell yourself that it will be all gone in a couple of hours. Listen to your favorite music, lie down, and try to relax.

Growing Ice Cream Cake Strain

Ice cream cake strain can be grown both indoor and outdoor. To produce large yields, you will need some experience. The plant grows best in a hotter climate and can grow medium to tall with a thick bush. It takes about 8-9 weeks for the flowers to grow.


If you are planning to grow this plant indoor, then keep in mind that you will need a ton of extra space. You will need bigger pots as the roots of these plants can grow as long as the plant itself. Make sure the temperature of the room is warm with minimal humidity. Best to put the pot near a window so it can get as much fresh air and sunlight if possible. You can also use a growing lamp to sustain the temperature during the night time.


If you are growing the plant outside, then you will need to prepare the soil before planting the seeds. Ice cream cake strains can be more demanding and high maintenance than other strains. As they grow tall and wide, plant the seeds in a large area, so there is plenty of room for the plants to grow both vertically and horizontally. If the temperature drops at night, you will need a lamp to maintain the warm temperature.

To prevent fungus, mold ad mildew from growing on the stalks and leaves, you will need to ensure enough airflow and proper ventilation to get rid of the excess moisture.

Quick Reference Guide – Ice Cream Cake Strain


Indica Dominant Hybrid


Wedding Cake x Gelato #33


The nugs are beautiful. They are covered in frosty trichomes. The buds are olive green with a purple hue shot through with orange pistils. It got the nickname ‘Mr. Freeze’ because of the shimmering white trichomes.


The strain has a sweet floral, earthy, citrusy smell.


The taste is the same as its smell, but there is a creamy after taste.

Preferred Consumption Time

Evening, Night

Preferred Consumption Method

Smoke, Vaporize

Similar Strains

  • Mendo Breath
  • Do-Si-Dos
  • Purple Punch
  • Banana OG
  • Face Off OG

Concentration and Potency

Indica/Sativa Percentage75% : 25%
THC Percentage23%
CBD Percentage<1%
EffectsRelaxing, Happy, Sleepy
Duration of Effects2-3 Hours



  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Euphoric
  • Sleepy
  • Tingly

Helps with

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic Pain
  • Insomnia


  • Dry Mouth
  • Dry Eyes

Cultivation & Yield Capabilities

Growing DifficultyIntermediate
Disease ResistanceModerate
Flower Develop8-9 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium/Tall
Indoor Yield500-550 g/square meter
Outdoor Yield 500-550 g/plant
Outdoor HarvestingMid October
Ice Cream Cake Strain – The Ultimate Guide - Marijuana Science (2024)


Is Ice Cream Cake strain good for beginners? ›

The Ice Cream weed strain is one of the best options out there right now for growers of really any expertise level, beginners included. The high levels of mold and pest resistance makes her very forgiving, and the sheer yield potential makes her an absolute must-have.

What are the notes of Ice Cream Cake strain? ›

The aroma and taste of Ice Cream Cake are often described as sweet, creamy, and reminiscent of vanilla with undertones of earthy and spicy notes. This delightful combination of flavors makes it a favorite among those who appreciate a truly indulgent cannabis experience.

Is ice Cake a sativa or indica? ›

Ice Cream Cake is an Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Wedding Cake with Gelato #33. This strain offers sedating effects that leave your mind and body completely relaxed. Ice Cream Cake features a creamy flavor profile with sweet hints of vanilla and sugary dough.

What are the effects of the Cake strain? ›

The Wedding Cake cannabis strain is both a Sativa and an Indica. As an Indica-dominant hybrid strain, it produces effects similar to both Indica and Sativa strains. Users note Wedding Cake provides a relaxing, mood-boosting high which can also induce appetite.

What kind of high is Ice Cream Cake? ›

Ice Cream Cake is a relaxing indica dominant strain that has a complex sweet, sugary aroma and a creamy vanilla flavor with hints of fruit and spice. Ice Cream Cake is a decadent strain that may promote euphoric effects that quiet the mind and relax the body, transporting one free from the stresses of everyday life.

Is Ice Cream Cake good for anxiety? ›

Ice Cream Cake provides relaxing and calming effects, perfect for after hours. The strain can help manage body tension, anxiety and stress. Euphoria. This weed strain can also induce euphoria and give you a mood uplift, making it a great choice for social situations.

Is Ice Cream Cake a top shelf strain? ›

To be considered top-shelf, Ice Cream Cake buds must be indoor-grown, well-trimmed, and contain upwards of 25% THC. Take a close look at Ice Cream Cake flower to determine its quality — if there are plenty of crystally trichomes and intact orange hairs, you've likely found a winner.

Is Ice Cream strain strong? ›

Q: Is the Ice Cream strain strong? A: Yes, Ice Cream is a strong strain with a high THC content ranging from 15 to 23%. With that in mind, it's important to approach the strain with caution and start with a small dose, particularly for novice users.

What is the lineage of Ice Cream Cake strain? ›

Bred by JBeezy and selected by Tahoe_Nugz and OGLoudest, Ice Cream Cake is a cross of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. The compact, dense buds provide a beautiful landscape of colors ranging from light greens to dark purples underneath a layer of icy trichomes.

What is Ice Cream Cake number 2 strain? ›

Description: Ice Cream Cake #2 Strain is an indica bred by Seed Junky Genetics. The name says it all with this bud, which has a decadent vanilla aroma and a delicious, cheesy and creamy flavor with notes of sweet, nutty vanilla.

Is Ice Cream Cake gassy? ›

The Ice Cream Cake is a multiple award-winning strain that has it all! The buds are big, purple and gassy, which makes that great bag appeal.

What is the flowering stage of Ice Cream Cake? ›

Ice Cream Cake likes hot and warm climates. Like other indicas, it grows into beautiful thick bushes. The flowering period is between 8-9 weeks. One of the challenges is to produce larger yields; this is where growers need skills, patients, experience, and sound equipment to get good results.

Is Ice Cream Cake a rare strain? ›

Ice Cream Cake strain is a well-known Indica-dominant hybrid made by crossing Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. It is also a rare strain composed of 75% Indica and 25% Sativa - with a whopping 25% THC level.

Why is the Wedding Cake strain so popular? ›

With a complicated, rich, and sweet impression makes it hard for the consumer to resist. And finally, in addition to all this, Wedding Cake is fairly easy to grow and has high-yielding harvests, and the potent test results lead to Wedding Cake being a strain that cultivators find to be quite lucrative.

What is the Cake strain that is a Sativa? ›

Cookie Cake is the sativa-dominant offspring of a Wedding Cake x Animal Cookies 'celebrity cross' conceived via GreenSeal's Nursery program. A true prodigy, the best qualities of both parents shine through in its exceptionally sweet and creamy Cake flavour and euphoric, uplifting Animal Cookies onset effects.

What strain should I start with? ›

Blue Dream is well-loved by both novices and experts alike for its balanced sativa effect and pleasant taste. Blue Dream contains a wide range of terpenes, which may help explain why the THC's effects are not so overwhelming. The Blue Dream strain is very approachable, and its popularity reflects this characteristic.

What is the best beginner strain? ›

Indica-Dominant Strains for Beginners
Strain NameFlowering TimeEffect
Granddaddy Purple8-11 weeksRelaxation, Euphoria
Northern Lights6-7 weeksRelaxation, Sleepiness
Bubba Kush8-9 weeksRelaxation, Happiness
Dec 23, 2023

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