GAO EverFlourish EMT769AET2 Timer Operating instructions PDF View/Download (2024)

Intended use

The product is equipped with a power outlet which can be switched on and off via the integrated

timer. Operation and programming is carried out using buttons and an LC display.

As a special feature, a blue backlight, which is used not only for reading the display more easily,

but can also be used as a night light, can be activated for the LC display.

The product should be connected to an earthed mains socket; the mains voltage should be

230 V/AC, 50 Hz.

The power consumption of the device connected to the socket of the daytime switch timer may

not exceed 3680 W.

The product may only be used in dry, enclosed spaces.

Always observe the safety instructions included in these operating instructions. Read the oper-

ating manual carefully before using the product. Keep the operating manual for later reference

or pass it on to other users of the daytime timer switch.

Any use, other than the one described above, may damage the product. Moreover, this involves

hazards such as e.g. short circuit, re, electric shock, etc. Modifying or rebuilding any part of

the product is not allowed!

This product complies with the applicable national and European requirements. All names of

companies and products are the trademarks of the respective owner. All rights reserved.

Explanation of Symbols, Inscriptions

This symbol indicates a health hazard, e.g. electric shock.

The exclamation mark indicates speci c risks associated with handling, function and


The “Hand“ symbol indicates special tips and operating information.

The product is intended to be placed and used in dry, enclosed indoor areas only; it

must not get damp or wet.

Package Contents

Daytime Switch Timer

Operating Instructions

Safety Instructions

The warranty will be void in the event of damage caused by failure to observe

these safety instructions! We do not assume any liability for any consequen-

tial damage!

We do not assume any liability for material and personal damage caused by

improper use or non-compliance with the safety instructions. The warranty

will be void in such cases!

a) General instructions

The unauthorised conversion and/or modi cation of the product is not permitted

for safety and approval reasons (CE). Do not open/disassemble! Contains no

customer-serviceable parts.

Maintenance or repair works must always be carried out by quali ed experts who

are familiar with the hazards involved and with the relevant regulations.

 The device is designed according to safety class I. It may only be used when con-

nected to an earthed mains socket.

The power outlet of the daytime timer switch is equipped with a child lock. Only

when the prongs of a power plug are placed in both openings of the socket at the

same time, will the mechanism release the opening.

Even so, be especially careful if children are around. Children cannot see the

dangers arising from the incorrect use of electrical devices. There is a risk of a

life-threatening electric shock!

The product is not a toy and must be kept out of the reach of children. Position the

product so it is out of the reach of children.

Do not carelessly leave the packaging material lying around since this may

become a dangerous toy for children.

Handle the product with care, it can be damaged by impacts, blows, or accidental

drops, even from a low height.

b) Operation

The product may be used only in dry, enclosed indoor areas; it must not get damp

or wet! Never place the product in direct vicinity of a bathroom, shower, bathtub or

similar. Lethal hazard due to electric shock!

Never plug in or unplug the plug-in power unit with damp or wet hands. There is a

risk of a life-threatening electric shock!

The product must not be exposed to extremes of temperature, direct sunlight or

strong vibrations.

Do not operate the device in environments where there are high levels of dust,

ammable gases, vapours or solvents. There is a danger of re and explosion!

Never connect the product to the power supply immediately after it has been trans-

ferred from a cold room into a warm one (e.g. during transport). The condensation

that develops in such cases could damage the device or cause an electric shock!

Allow the product to reach room temperature. Wait until the condensation has

evaporated. This might take several hours. Only after this should the product be

plugged in to the power supply and put into use.

Ventilators, heaters, heating fans or heaters with open elements should never

be left unattended. We recommend that you do not connect such devices to the

switch timer. Fire hazard!

Always pull the plug of a device connected to the switch timer out of the switch

timer's socket at the appropriate gripping surfaces only; never pull the plug out by

the ex!

Do not overload the switch timer. Observe the maximum connected load in the

chapter “Technical Data”.

Do not connect in series! This can lead to an overloading of the switch timer! Fire


Do not operate while covered! At higher connected loads, the switch timer

becomes warm, which can lead to overheating and potentially a re if covered!

Current-free only when the plug is withdrawn! Pull the daytime timer switch out of

the mains outlet.

Do not use the product if it is damaged. There is a risk of a life-threatening electric


In this case, dispose of the product in an environmentally correct manner.

A safe operation can no longer be assumed, if:

- the product shows visible signs of damage,

- the product does not work at all or works poorly (leaking smoke or a smell of

burning, audible cracking noises, discolouration to the product or the adjacent


- the product was stored under unfavourable conditions

- it was exposed to heavy loads during transport

Always pull the switch timer out of the mains socket before cleaning it or when the

device will not be in use for a long time.

 Only use the device in a temperate climate, never in a tropical climate.

Never pour any liquids above or next to the product. It can cause re or perilous

electric shock danger. If any liquid has still managed to enter the device, turn off

the power supply to the mains socket at which the switch timer is connected imme-

diately (turn off the fuse / circuit breaker / residual current operated circuit breaker

of the associated circuits). Only then can you unplug the daytime timer switch from

the mains socket and contact a specialist. Do not use the product any longer.

In commercial institutions, the Accident Prevention Regulations of the Employer’s

Liability Insurance Association for Electrical Systems and Operating Facilities are

to be observed!

If you have any questions that are not answered in this manual, please contact the

seller of the daytime timer switch or another specialist.

Operating instructions

Digital DCF daytime clock

with light

GAO EverFlourish EMT769AET2 Timer Operating instructions PDF View/Download (2024)
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