Epic Of Caterpillar - Chapter 2287 Noah’s Past And Reincarnation Free Read Online (2024)

Chapter 2287 Noah's Past And Reincarnation


Noah was not the only one that reincarnated in the world of Abyss. Back on his original world, Earth, he once used to be but a normal human, a talentless boy that thought he had no power, until the moment he absorbed the Core of the Vampire Progenitor, a powerful S Rank Monster from one of the many Dungeons that have invaded his planet.

With the arrival of Dungeons in Earth, Hunters, people with awakened, supernatural powers emerged, obtaining power from absorbing Cores from Monsters, such as Skills or even increasing their own Stats thanks to the help of the System the core of Earth had created.

His life started dozens of years after the apocalypse that happened on Earth, after absorbing the Core of the Vampire Progenitor, an ancient Vampire that lived in Abyss and ended becoming a Dungeon Boss, he inherited his powers and became the first Vampire of Earth.

Slowly, he grew stronger, from a lowly F Rank Hunter to the strongest man in the entire world, tearing through foes and dungeon monsters apart with merciless and ruthless power. Of course, as a Vampire, he needed to spread his bloodline, to recruit Vampires for his own family.

And this is where his Vampire Family, the Luna Noctem Family was created, several friends, allies, or even foes which he recruited and converted into Vampires, each one developing their own unique powers, and adding their own unique perspectives, intelligence, and personality to his family.

Although he was always alone, slowly he ended being surrounded by many trustworthy allies... One of them becoming his beloved wife, who blessed him with two children.

After having successfully conquered the entirety of Earth after having cleared every Dungeon and S Rank Dungeons, and devouring the God of Earth, becoming the only Divinity of the world and making every human his loyal servant, he moved into the cosmos.

Invading the world of the Dragons, Vedas, Noah, and his family decided to make of this world their second territory, slowly learning from the locals while rapidly growing stronger by hunting down the elite dragons of this vast world.

Yet although he gained tremendous new powers, and even fought several Dragon Gods, he ultimately ended losing by the hands of the strongest dragon of that world, the Supreme Dragon God of Chaos, a vessel of the King of Hell, Lucifer.

Nonetheless, Lucifer was revealed to not be the true enemy, but someone that was more or less forced to cooperate with his true foes, the Outer Gods, the three Ancient Outer Gods, Shub-Niggurath, Yog-Sothoth, and Nyog'Sothep.

Having finally caught him within Vedas after having plotted his demise the entire time, Noah was confronted with his imminent demise, and that of his family and friends.

However, by the hands of his "mother", one of the Avatars of Azathoth, Nyarlathotep, she and Lucifer created a special deal, where Noah would die by the hands of the Outer Gods, but they would reincarnate his soul again in the world of Abyss, which was isolated from the rest of the Universe.

But he was not the only one that was brought over, all those that belonged to the Luna Noctem family also reincarnated inside of Abyss, his friends and sworn brothers, and his beloved wife.

Through his journey across Abyss as a Dhampir, a crippled, sickly half-vampire born from a vampire mother and a human father, he had to constantly run away from the vampires hunting him, losing his two new parents at an early age, and walking a path alone once more.

However, with the power of [Manifestation], which he awakened when his small human village was attacked by bloodthirsty vampires, he was able to slowly regain his previous life powers, all the Skills, Abilities, Divinities, and even the Divine Items that were connected to his soul, everything slowly came back to him.

And with that power, he was even able to find his friends, and where they had all been reincarnated, sensing their very souls and the pact they had made with him when they became his vampire servants.

He found them all, one after another, over hundreds of years, some had embraced their new life in Abyss, but Noah convinced them to join him again, while others were saved by him after having been reborn in an even more miserable life than before.

And these friends had children, the children they had all have in their previous lives were then reincarnated this way, including Noah's two children, whom he thought he would never see again, something that had made him deeply depressed before learning their souls were reincarnated on his two new children.

Like this, Noah led his powerful family across the wastelands of Abyss for hundreds, thousands of years, battling against all kinds of enemies, Vampires, Celestials, Humans, Werewolves, Vampiric Beasts, Undead, and Blood Gods.

Eventually, rising to the very top, with all of them at his side.

And now, as the gates of the Scarlet Palace opened, they stepped out. His best friend, Arthur, who back in Earth was the original inheritor of Excalibur as he was a descendant of the Pendragon Family, who had relinquished his divine sword to Noah, quickly stepped forwards, as Iris, his beloved wife, and the bullied girl he saved in the military school he once attended by giving her the power to finally fight back, told him to not go easy on their foes.

"Quickly! While father is killing Noah, let us destroy this entire place!"

"I can sense a tremendous energy down there; his family must also possess delicious souls to devour!"

"The red moon itself has a powerful crystallized core of cosmic energy! Eating it alone could make us so strong, we must get it too!"

The Outer Gods surrounded the Red Moon, Crimson, the Pandemonium Moon, formerly a powerful Living Blood Manor, and one of Noah's first servants, which he was able to summon back to life with his [Manifestation] ability spread out its giant barrier, repairing it constantly as more and more attacks reached it.

Crack, crack…!


Until ultimately, the powerful defenses of Crimson shattered, their barrier broke apart, and the Outer Gods immediately tried to get inside, each one emanating the power of Peak World Devourers, some even at Initial Stages of Star Eaters.

They weren't beings anybody could ever mess with, a single one of them could end entire worlds within a day!

Yet they faced them fearlessly. 𝘧𝘳ℯ𝓮𝘸𝓮𝑏𝓷𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓁.𝘤ℴ𝘮


Epic Of Caterpillar - Chapter 2287 Noah’s Past And Reincarnation Free Read Online (2024)
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