Employ an Off-Duty Officer (2024)

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department authorizes its police officers to provide law enforcement related services in exchange for a fee paid by the employer to the officer. This is called secondary employment. The secondary employment program has two categories: general secondary employment, and special events.

General Secondary Employment
Officer Crawford handles all secondary employment requests for law enforcement related security and traffic direction. Any event that involves a street closure is a special event and needs to be handled in different manner.

Everyone wanting to employ an off-duty officer must complete the Secondary Employment Agreement before any services are rendered. The person completing the agreement must check the box at the end of each section indicating that they understand and agree to the terms of the agreement. Make sure the application section of the agreement is complete and a thorough job description is included to avoid delays in processing your request. You may also email additional documentation that may pertain to your request, such as ABC permits, maps, plans, etc. Make sure you put the employer’s name at the top of each page.

We cannot address your request for off-duty until we have received this paperwork. Please click one of the links below to complete your application.

Secondary Employment Agreement / Application (complete online)

Secondary Employment Agreement/Application(PDF,1MB) (PDF version) can be downloaded and filled out by hand. It will then need to be emailed to the Secondary Employment office at secondaryemploymentadministration@cmpd.org in order to process your request.

For questions concerning acquiring or completing the agreement and application contact the Secondary Employment Office at 704-336-3229 or by email at secondaryemploymentadministration@cmpd.org.

Questions about staffing or availability for a particular secondary employment request cannot be addressed until the agreement and application have been submitted. If you are inquiring about your application or job by email, make sure you put the employer's name that was entered on the application in the subject line. Officer Crawford can be reached via email at Eric.Crawford@cmpd.org or at 704-336-3229 extension 1.

Special Events
Lt. Triola and Officer Sammis handle all police staffing of special events that require street closures such as parades, street festivals, charity walks, and foot races. They will begin working on the event only after you have submitted the Parade Permit Application to the City Department of Transportation.

Lt. Kevin Triola can be reached via email at kevin.triola@cmpd.org or at 704-336-3229, and Officer Sammis can be reached via email at matthew.sammis@cmpd.org or at 704-336-3229.

All special events must be paid in PowerDetails 72 hours before the event begins.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department uses PowerDetails to schedule and pay off-duty officers for secondary employment. Once your secondary employment agreement or special event is approved, you will receive a registration link to the email you provided to set up a user account for PowerDetails. View the FAQs for this process(PDF,523KB) or the Employer Demo video, if you need more assistance.

Rate and Fee Schedule
Payments made through PowerDetails incur a payment processing fee when payment is made.

  • All off-duty for CMPD will need to be scheduled and paid through the new PowerDetails platform. However, there are two exceptions for paying in PowerDetails (scheduling will still be done in PowerDetails):
    • The off-duty employer hires the officer as a W-2 employee (withholds taxes) or,
    • The off-duty employer pays the officers the day of the job (cannot be the next day).
  • PowerDetails accepts payments in two forms, ACH and credit card.
    • The system is set up for weekly invoices. All jobs for each location or account will be included on one invoice. When the off-duty employer pays the invoice, the money from that invoice will be routed to all of the officers listed on the invoice.
    • Invoices are due 30 days or less after receiving. Day 31 is considered late.
  • To view job status (Open, Filled, etc) log into your profile to monitor through the job calendar.


  • Payment processing fees [E-Payment for Employers Help Documentation(PDF,324KB)]
    • These fees will be assessed on each payment transaction or either 2% for ACH payment or 4.5% for credit card payment.
  • CMPD Fee – A non-regulatory user fee to recoup the total costs associated with the secondary employment program. The fee is set annually through the City of Charlotte Budget appropriation and shall not exceed the total operating cost of the Secondary Employment Program.
    • CMPD will collect a fee for every hour billed. The current fee is $.25/hour. The CMPD fee must be paid by every employer in PowerDetails. This includes cash and W-2 employers.
    • If a job is not paid through PowerDetails, the off-duty employer will be sent a weekly invoice for just the CMPD fee.

CMPD’s fee and rate schedule for the next several years. This schedule is subject to change.

5-Year Flat Fee
Jul 2024Jul 2025Jul 2026Jul 2027Jul 2028Jul 2029
ACH Fees2%2%2%2%2%2%
Credit Card Fees 4.50%4.50%4.50%4.50%4.50%4.50%
CMPD Minimum
Hourly Rate
$46 / hr$46 / hr$50 / hr$50 / hr$54 / hr$54 / hr
CMPD Minimum
Supervisor Rate
$54 / hr$54 / hr$58 / hr$58 / hr$62 / hr$62 / hr
CMPD Special
Events Rate
$69 / hr$69 / hr$75 / hr$75 / hr$81 / hr$81 / hr
CMPD Special
Events Rate
$80 / hr$80 / hr$85 / hr$85 / hr$90 / hr$90 / hr
(charged per hour,
per officer
Employ an Off-Duty Officer (2024)
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