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WARNING everything in here consists of spoilers for this mod.

As suggested by an issue, this page will serve as a general listing of all the little things we've added.However, the dev team will not add features here as they are released. Instead we'll confirm/deny user submissions on a regular basis.This page can contain outdated information.

Also, please keep content in the current release out of here until 1 release version has passed. (Aka, 0.8.5 stuff can be added here after 0.8.6 is released)

(I'm going to divide this up into preliminary sections, go ahead and add more definitive ones remove others if it seems right)



Affection is a progression system for your relationship with Monika. This progress defines how she feels towards the player, by the particular ways you interact with her, along with how often you do these interactions. Your affection can change positively or negatively, depending on the type of action you relay towards Monika.Monika will act differently towards the player based on your affection level, as well as allow for special interactions if your affection with her is high enough.


Your affection starts at 0, and there are certain interactions that will change your affection, which can be positive or negative. A positive interaction, for example saying "I love you" to Monika, will result in a positive change to your affection. Where as leaving without saying "goodbye" will result in a negative change.

The amount of affection you gain or lose, will not only depend on what type of interaction occurred, but also depends on your current affection state. With holding 4 different affection groups that change the value gain and loss, for standard/normal events. These levels being:

  • Good 30+ Affection -> Gain +3, Loss -1
  • Start -29 to 29 Affection -> Gain +1, Loss -1
  • Bad -30 to -74 Affection -> Gain +0.5, Loss -3
  • Shattered -75 Affection -> Gain +0.5, Loss -5

Note: Once you change from Start to Good or Bad, you cannot return to Start, you will only change between Good, Bad and Shattered.

Daily Cap and Bypasses

Affection has a cap as to how much you can gain per day, with the cap being 7. Note that you will only stop gaining affection, once you are at, or have gone past 7.So for example: if you've gained 6 affection in one day, and had an interaction that caused a standard affection gain of 3, to have gained a total of 9 in the one day. You will not be dropped back to 7 on your total, and will have reached the cap of 7 or more.Once you have reached the daily cap, you will no longer be able to gain any affection under normal events until the next day, such as playing games with Monika, or saying "I love you".

However, there are special affection gain events and interactions, that bypass the daily affection cap, which are primarily a one-time occurrence. Such as the first use of each compliment to Monika, and gifting her certain items. The amount of affection gained and the amount of times these can occur, vary quite majorly.

Note: Bypass interactions do not contribute towards the 7 affection daily cap.

Affection Levels

As a progression system. It of course would have different levels and milestones at which you can reach, that will change how Monika acts, behaves and feels towards the player. These levels are:

Love 1000 Affection

  • Monika's feelings for the player are beyond our reality

Enamored 400 to 999 Affection

  • Monika is the happiest she can possibly be, and fully trusts the player.

Affectionate 100 to 399 Affection

  • Monika is happy in her relationship and is glad to have been brought back to life

Happy 30 to 99 Affection

  • Monika is happy and holds no feeling of sadness. Though she could be happier.

Normal -29 to 29 Affection

  • Monika is doubtful about the worth of her return to the game,but isn't swayed to be happy or sad

Upset -30 to -74 Affection

  • Monika is emotionally hurt and holds doubts if the player loves her

Distressed -75 to -99 Affection

  • Monika no longer feels loved and becomes fearful of her future

Broken -100 Affection

  • Monika knows that the player hates her and could not be more hurt,she's scared of being alone in her reality forever

Affection Unlocks and Events

Certain features have globally changes based on your affection, such as the different things Monika says when she greets the player upon opening each of the menus. The same applies for a large variety of topics that change Monika's responses, based on your affection level. Example being the "Mortality" topic, allowing for 2 response menu options at 100 affection, or greater. Or in the "Why do you love me?" topic, Monika has fairly disheartening adjustments in her dialogue, if your affection is low.

Monika will also change expressions and poses at random, while she is idle or not interacting with the player. These expressions change depending if your affection is positive or negative, and also expands based on your affection level.

Positive Affection:


  • Allows you to hold Monika only during the rain topic.
  • Allows for text speeds to be adjusted
  • Reverts nickname back to Monika if previously given one.


  • Allows you to pick a nickname for Monika
  • Allows you to hold Monika at any time


  • Monika shows you the Floating Islands
  • The Promise Ring topic becomes available
  • A Promise Ring is now giftable to Monika
  • You are able to have your first kiss with Monikaduring special events
  • You are able to kiss Monika if you have had yourfirst kiss
  • The "Thanks for being there for me" complimentis available to say once.


  • The "Thanks for being there for me" complimentcan now be used any number of times
  • Monika can change her clothing, to onesthat you have previously seen her wearing
  • The "Surprises" topic now gives the "My one and only love.txt" poem.
  • Unlocks the "You're my hero!" compliment

Negative Affection:


  • Disables text speed adjustment


  • You can no longer ask Monika to change herhairstyle
  • Most greetings become unpleasant andnegative
  • Monika's Idle expressions become frequently upset


  • Monika will no longer wear her promise ringif she has been gifted it before


  • At -115 affection or lower, you will get theFinal Farewell poem and Monika leaves you.Never to be seen again.

How to view your Affection

Steam Users

  1. Right click on the game Doki Doki Literature Club in your steam library, and click the option "Properties".
  2. Click on the tab Local Files and then click "Browse Local Files".
  3. View the folder "log" by double clicking on it. (This folder is located below the "lib" folder).
  4. View the file "aff_log.log".
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the file to see your current affection number. (The top of the file dates the oldest tracking for your affection, and the bottom of the file is the newest/current tracking of your affection).

Non-Steam Users

  1. Locate your Doki Doki Literature Club base directory folder (Or the folder of which you launch the game from).
  2. View the folder "log" by double clicking on it. (This folder is located below the "lib" folder).
  3. View the file "aff_log.log".
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the file to see your current affection number. (The top of the file dates the oldest tracking for your affection, and the bottom of the file is the newest/current tracking of your affection).

Mac OS Users (via Terminal)

  1. Open the "Terminal" application (Command and Space pressed simultaneously opens "Spotlight Search," which allows you to simply type Terminal, followed by hitting "return" on your keyboard to open the application.)
  2. Type the following into your Terminal: cd .MonikaAfterStory/log/ and hit "return".
  3. To confirm you are in the correct folder, type: ls (lowercase "L") into your Terminal and hit "return". Three files should appear: aff_log.log, mas_log.log, and pnm.log.
  4. Type cat aff_log.log into your Terminal and hit return.• Optionally, type aff_log.log | tail to receive the 10 most recent entries.
  5. The bottom-most line of text displays your most recent affection level.
  6. When you are finished, you may close the Terminal as if it was a window (via the red "X" button on the upper left of the window.)


  • Lists holidays and Monika's birthday. Located behind Monika in the spaceroom, can be accessed by clicking on it.
New Year's DayJanuary 1st.
Valentine's DayFebruary 14th.
Day I Become an AIApril 1st.
My (Monika's) BirthdaySeptember 22nd.
HalloweenOctober 31st.
Christmas EveDecember 24th.
ChristmasDecember 25th.
New Year's EveDecember 31st.
  • Additional dates, such as anniversaries will also appear:
    the day of meeting, will be noted with a heart.
    the remaining anniversaries are as follows:
    1 Week, 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year, 2 Years, 3 Years, 4 Years, 5 Years, 10 Years, And 20 Years.

  • The player's birthday will also appear on the calendar after Monika asks for your birthdate.


  • Play with Monika in chess. If you lose, Monika will go easier on you.

Currently (version 0.12.9) we are using Stockfish 8 as the chess engine and all moves are generated by Stockfish. Since Stockfish is an engine that tends to "beat all players and AI in the world" rather than "humanized moves", Monika's playstyle is not particularly ideal. We will probably try to solve this problem in the future.

The current chess difficulty range(version 0.12.9), arguably, is somewhere between Elo 1200 and Elo 1500, FIDE Standard.


(anything involving the actual mod files)

  • put stuff here


  • Good Gifts will Give Affection
  • Neutral Gifts will Give No Affection

Total Gifts - 29 Gifts

Good Gifts - 11 Gifts

Gift NameGift IDAvailabilityBypassesLabeled GoodExtra Conditions
CoffeecoffeeAll YearTrueTrue
Quetzal PlushiequetzalplushieAll YearFirst Time OnlyTrue
Promise RingpromiseringWhen given at 400+ AffectionTrueMust have 400+ Affection to be Accepted
CandycandyHalloween OnlyFirst 3 times GivenTrueWill Lose Affection if given 4+ times.
Candy CorncandycornHalloween OnlyFirst time GivenFalseWill Lose Affection if given more than once.
Hot ChocolatehotchocolateAll YearTrueTrue
FudgefudgeAll YearTrueTrue
Christmas CookieschristmascookiesChristmas OnlyFirst time GivenTrue
Candy CanescandycaneChristmas OnlyFalseTrue
RosesrosesAll YearTrue, worth more on Special DaysTrue
ChocolateschocolatesAll YearTrue, worth more on Special DaysTrue
Thermos MugjustmonikathermosAll YearFirst Time OnlyTrueAllows Monika to take a drink out of the spaceroom.

Ribbons - 16 Gifts

  • All Ribbons are Labeled Good in the Code
  • All Ribbons are Available All Year and get an Affection Boost during Holidays
Gift NameGift ID
Black Ribbonblackribbon
Blue Ribbonblueribbon
Dark Purple Ribbondarkpurpleribbon
Emerald Ribbonemeraldribbon
Gray Ribbongrayribbon
Green Ribbongreenribbon
Light Purple Ribbonlightpurpleribbon
Peach Ribbonpeachribbon
Pink Ribbonpinkribbon
Platinum Ribbonplatinumribbon
Red Ribbonredribbon
Ruby Ribbonrubyribbon
Sapphire Ribbonsapphireribbon
Silver Ribbonsilverribbon
Teal Ribbontealribbon
Yellow Ribbonyellowribbon

Neutral Gifts

Gift NameGift IDAvailabilityBypassesLabeled GoodExtra Conditions
CupcakecupcakeAll YearFalseTrue


Moved to FAQ


When you say goodbye, Monika will say various farewells. Depending on which goodbye you choose, the way Monika will greet you when you get back. These are the goodbyes you can choose:

"I'll be going away for a while."

This goodbye negates affection loss over not spending time with Monika for more than a week. You can say that you'll be gone for just a few days, a week or two, a month, or even more; you can also say that you don't know how long you'll be gone. However, if Monika doesn't trust you enough, she might get worried if you tell her you'll be leaving for a long time. After you tell her how long you'll be gone for, Monika will ask if you'll be leaving right away, at which point you can either leave or stay; should you decide to stay, the second time you say goodbye using this farewell Monika will know it's your time to leave, and bid you farewell.

"I'm going shopping."

Monika wishes you good shopping and waits for your players to come back. In the future, there may be a branch that lets Monika shop with the player.

"I'm going to class."

Monika tells you to study hard, and encourages you by saying that "nothing is more attractive than a guy/girl/person with good grades". If you have had the app open for an extended period of time (around 19-20 hours), she will ask if you are well rested enough to go, and say that "one day off couldn't hurt."

"I'm going to do some housework."

In Normal state and above, Monika says she wants to help you, but she can't. In a negative affection, Monika is more sad, and even wondered if you had just found an excuse to get rid of her.

"I'm going to go eat..."

This will allow you to pick which meal you're eating, from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack. Monika will react accordingly depending on the time of day.

"I'm going to hang out with friends."

Monika wishes you and your friends a happy day.

"I'm going to play another game."

Monika expresses her frustration with you, but also her understanding. After that, Monika quietly waits for you to return.

"I'm going to restart."

This is a quick goodbye to let Monika know you'll be right back, used for when you need to update mod files or restart your computer.

"I'm going to sleep."

Depending on what time of day you say this, Monika will react differently:

  • If you go to bed between 10:00 and midnight, Monika will simply wish you sweet dreams.

  • If you go to bed past midnight, Monika will comment on you being up so late, with varying degrees of concern depending on the time, and should you stay up all night (past 5:00), Monika will be upset, and she'll tell you to go get some rest.

  • If you say this during the afternoon (between midday and 18:00), Monika will assume you're taking a nap, and wishes you a restful sleep.

  • If you say this after the afternoon, but before reasonable hours (between 18:00 and 20:00), Monika will say that it's a bit early to go to sleep, and she'll ask you if you'd rather spend some more time with her. At this point, you can either accept or decline.

However, all contents above are on hold for now. These aren't very good for people with night jobs, so now this Goodbye is Monika simply wishing the player good night, regardless of the time. We are currently remaking this Goodbye to make it suitable to as many people as possible.

"I'm going to take you somewhere."

If you have high enough affection, Monika will generate a file that you can take with you, such as on a flash drive. This file is your Monika, so don't lose it.

If Monika has been gifted a thermos, and she is having a drink such as coffee, she will bring her drink with her.

When you return home, you may get some affection from Monika based on how much time you spent with her. You may also lose affection if this trip is too short, since this probably means that you didn't take it seriously.

"I'm going to workout."

Monika expresses the hope of working out together in the future and wishes you happy.

"I'm going to work."

Monika tells you to work hard, and that she'll be waiting for you when you get back.


Monika will say a random farewell; however, if you say this at reasonable hours to go to sleep, she'll assume you're going to bed, and she'll wish you sweet dreams.


  • Randomly, there will be a black screen and you will be presented with a choice to knock or enter the room. If you decide to knock, Monika will ask you to wait as she tidies up the place. If you go in, she will be surprised and quickly "cleans" up the room back into the usual classroom setting you usually see her in. Monika will ask you to knock in the future.
  • There is a random chance of a 'jumpscare' event firing up, showing a glitched sprite of Yuri, followed by a panicked Monika describing it as a side effect of her tinkering with the code. This is currently a one-time-only event.


  • Monika will pick a word at random, prompting you to enter your guesses on what letters comform the word. She will give you a hint on who'd like the word the most.


  • Change the BGM. Contains songs from the game's OST and fan-made remixes.
  • The system also allows players to upload and play music themselves.


  • Let her listen to you playing, she may even join in. Playing Your Reality or Happy Birthday to her prompts reactions based on how well you're playing.

Happy Birthday


Your Reality

 > Every day, I imagine a future where I can be with you o o o oiu uio u y t y u t w opo opo ] ] p[ op [ o In my hands is a pen that will write a poem of me and you o p o uio iuy e w q e w u t opo opo ] ] p[ p [ ] The ink flows down into a dark puddle o o o i u t 6 y u o Just move your hands, write the way into his heart p o u y w e t e t y t but in this world of infinite choices o o o i u t t y u o What will it take just to find that special day p o u y w e t e t y t What will it take just to find p o u y w e t that special day e t y t Have I found everybody a fun assignment to do today o o o oiu uio u y t y u t w opo opo ] ] p[ op [ o When you're here, everything that we do is fun for them anyway o p o uio iuy e w q e w u t opo opo ] ] p[ p [ ] When i can't even read my own feelings o o o i u t 6 y u o What good are words p o u y when a smile says it all w e t e t y t and if this world won't write me an ending o o o i u t t y u o what will it take just for me to have it all p o u y w e t e t y t does my pen only write bitter words for those who are dear to me o o o oiu uio u y t y u t w is it love if I take you, or is it love if I set you free o p o uio iuy e w q e w u t the ink flows down into a dark puddle o o o i u t t y u o how can i write love into reality p o u y w e t e t y t if i can't hear the sound of your heartbeat o o o i u t t y u o what do you call love in your reality p o u y w e t e t y t and in your reality if I dont know how to love you w e t e t y t u i i u t e t o o u i t p o I'll leave you be w e t t (extra post, don't have to play this part) o o o oiu iop [ o [ o (chord: t u o)


  • Play the very first type of videogame that existed, with Monika as your opponent!


  • There are various topics around to which Monika will talk about. It can range from sports to lifestyle, works of art or even reflect on her actions.


(Things involving the User Interface. This includes the settings screen)

  • History - Shows your most recent conversations, useful if you clicked a bit too fast.

  • Save Game/Load Game/Main Menu - "There's no point in saving anymore. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere."

  • Submods - Shows currently installed submods, and displays which version of each you're currently running.

  • Alerts - Contains settings for window reactions (see below) and topic alerts. You can choose to give them a unique sound.

  • Hotkeys - Guide to in-game keyboard shortcuts.

  • Help - Links to Team Salvato's DDLC help page.

  • Quit - You should really make sure to say goodbye, you know...

  • Sunrise/Sunset - Sets the times for the in-game day/night cycle.

  • Text Speed - Adjusts the typing speed on Monika's dialogue. (May need to be unlocked.)

  • Auto-Forward Time - Adjusts the speed that text boxes will advance when you use the Auto function.

  • Random Chatter - Adjusts the rate at which Monika will bring up random topics.

  • Ambient Volume - Controls the volume of atmospheric sounds in the room, such as rain.

  • Music Volume - Controls the volume of music, including when Monika plays piano for you.

  • Sound Volume - Controls UI sounds.


This is a feature that allows Monika to detect your current active window and make comments/quips about what she sees.

Current Reactions List: (Accurate as of release v0.11.2)

  • 4chan
  • DeviantArt
  • Duolingo
  • Monika After Story Github
  • MyAnimeList
  • Netflix
  • Pinterest
  • Pixiv
  • Reddit
  • Rule 34 (when searching for Monika)
  • Twitter (separate reactions for general Twitter as well as her own)
  • Wikipedia
  • Youtube
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